We are the party of countless Montanans who believe in a fair shot for all. Get to know our candidates who are ready to get to work to make Ravalli County a better place.

John Schneeberger - Montana State Senate District 43

“My campaign will push back against local popular opinion that undermines our republican form of government and the democratic values upon which it was founded.

I will focus on presenting a counter argument, opening dialogue about basic American values and attempting to garner bipartisan support for pluralism and our system of government.  If you would like to help me in my campaign, your support would be greatly appreciated.  Please visit my site to find out more.”

Monica Tranel - US Congress HD 1, Western Montana

Monica Tranel was raised with her nine brothers and sisters on a ranch in Eastern Montana, and she always had a job to do: feeding pigs, stacking hay, fixing fences. The strong work ethic Monica learned on the ranch led her to become a world-class rower, competing in two Olympics and winning a World Championship Gold for the United States Women’s Rowing Team.

Monica worked her way through college and law school. She has spent her career fighting for Main Street Montanans, ranchers and landowners. As an attorney, she has taken on some of the biggest corporations in the world and won. Monica stood up to corporate monopolies, and when the monopoly utility tried to saddle Montanans with $10 million dollars in replacement power costs due to their failure to plan, Monica stood up for consumers and kept that money in Montanans’ pockets rather than going to out of state corporations.

“If you work hard, you should be able to afford a decent place to live, support your family, and save for a secure retirement.”

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