Ravalli County Democrats

February 2020


February Potluck: Not at the Grange!

Please join us on Sunday, February 23, 2020 at 6pm for our monthly potluck. We will host the potluck at the new Democratic office at 106 S 2nd Street in Hamilton.


We will host Congressional Candidate Tom Winter.

Please bring your favorite beverage or dish!




Montana is home, and home is worth fighting for.

My little sister suffers from a chronic illness, my father suffers from Alzheimer’s, my other father from cancer. We all have pre-existing conditions, we all get sick.

So I ran for the Montana state legislature. My family and I knocked on every door we could 7 times over. We built relationships with neighbors, we listened, and we won.


I have authored 24 bills - a record - and followed through on every campaign promise. I brought bills to protect families like mine from scammer insurance companies, to ensure Montanans with pre-existing conditions could get healthcare. I also authored bills to zero-out taxes on the middle class by taxing out-of-town millionaire’s vacation mansions, and to ensure that our state got the best deal on expensive, life-saving drugs. When it came to protecting my constituents that live in mobile homes, I took the fight to their landlords, too. Because home is always worth fighting for.

Montanans deserve good government that treats everyone with dignity and respect. That includes respecting the will and the voice of the voters. Those values built this state, and they build our campaign for Congress every day.

Grand Opening

Democratic Office

106 S. 2nd Street

Hamilton (across from the Spice of Life cafe)


On Sunday, March 15, 2020 from 4pm to 6pm we will celebrate our grand opening. Please bring hors d'ouevres or a beverage. We are inviting all of the candidates to attend.


We still need the following items: a large trash can, garbage bags, paper towels, toilet paper, coffee, creamer, snacks, water and lamps. Contact Us if you can help.


Thank you in advance for your support.

Raffle for 2020

We are looking for your input. Should we raffle a side of beef again? Does anyone have any other raffle ideas? Contact Us.


*This blog post appeared in The Montana Post and has been edited for clarity. Author: Don Pogreba


Superintendent of Public Instruction Elsie Arntzen didn’t protest Trump's budget that will cut billions from public schools, including $30 million from Montana.


The proposal, Arntzen said in an Education Department press release, is a victory for “local control.”


“Consolidated federal grants will allow school leaders and the Office of Public Instruction to spend more time serving students and less time on burdensome federal reporting,” she said.


The cuts would be particularly devastating for disadvantaged students, as Montana Federation of Public Employees Executive Director Erik Burke noted:

Based on our historic levels of federal funding under these programs, these cuts would likely equate to roughly a $30 million hit on Montana schools, including $3.6 million reduction in Impact aid targeted predominantly at our reservation schools. That’s a big hit, especially when it is disproportionately hitting our poorest, most vulnerable school populations.


The Trump proposal freezes spending on IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) funding, meaning that the federal government will continue to decrease its support for special education programs for students to even more unsustainable levels.


And the New York Times notes that rural schools, in particular, are targeted for cuts:


Among the programs that would be zeroed out to fund the grant are 21st Century Community Learning Centers, which funds after-school programs for low-income students; funding for programs in rural schools and magnet schools; and funding for homeless and migrant students.


The proposed Trump budget should make the person entrusted with overseeing Montana schools howl in protest because, if adopted, they would undermine our ability to educate our kids, particularly those who are most in need of support.


Meanwhile, President Donald Trump’s proposed budget seeks to spend billions in federal money — roughly equivalent to the totality of proposed cuts under the block grant — to help subsidize private school tuition.


The budget proposal Arntzen is supporting doesn’t end there. It, according to Howard Gleckman, senior fellow in the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center, would require us to “reimburse the entire cost of [a]child’s private school education” for the wealthiest among us, allow “taxpayers to direct federal funds to the private or religious schools they prefer,” and even let parents “claim a 100 percent tax credit to pay [themselves] to home school [their] child.”


To see the Department of Education's press release, please click here.

Thanks to Patti Doyle for submitting the post!