Take Action

There is much work to be done to save our Democracy!  We need everyone to take action.

At the least... VOTE
At the most... RUN FOR OFFICE


But there are multiple things in between that you can do to help further the goals of the Democratic Party. Match your passion, skills, and what you like to do with one of the many things you CAN DO.

Make new friends and feel good that you are DOING SOMETHING as a concerned citizen who wants to GET INVOLVED!

  • Join the Ravalli County Central Democratic Comittee (RCDCC) Team
  • Work for a candidate
    • Knock on doors
    • Put out campaign signs
    • Host a Meet & Greet
  • Get the Word Out / Grow the Party
  • Participate in group gatherings
    • March in a parade
    • Attend a rally
    • Volunteer to staff the Farmers' Market Booth
    • Volunteer to staff the Ravalli County Fair Booth
  • Donate